Sunday, 12 July 2015

~ Interview Skills ~

A scary process. I know. Especially when you really want what you are being interviewed for. But there's honestly nothing to worry about!

An interview should be treated as you have been selected out of other applicants to talk to the organiser. This is a privilege in my eyes. The number one rule is to remain calm, whether it is a formal or an informal interview. I know you're probably thinking that this is easier said than done, trust me it is easy. You just have to convince yourself that everything will be just fine, they already love your application, they would like some more information about you as a person. This may be easier however in a group interview as you are all in the same boat. Just walk in confidently and be nice.

Also, remember what your wrote on your application! Many people forget and when they are questioned they seem unprepared. So just refresh yourself.

Main tips for a group interview:

  1. Remain calm and talk to the other applicants
  2. Remember that you are all competing for one role so do not forget to sell yourself
  3. Listen to any feedback given even if it is not directed to you, it shows that you are also learning
  4. Remember what it is you put on your application
  5. And finally, BE YOURSELF!
Main tips for a one-on-one interview:
  1. Also remain calm, if you are really nervous it will affect your performance, believe that you are a fantastic candidate
  2. Don't feel intimidated by the interviewer, they were once in your position
  3. Ask questions if unsure and ask if that is the answer they are looking for. If not, start again
  4. Talk slowly (not too slow) and clearly - really important!
  5. And finally, BE YOURSELF!

Hopefully this helps. It is all psychological, you just need to convince yourself that you will be alright.Once you understand that it is psychological then you will smash your interview!

~ Thanks for reading!

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