Saturday, 4 July 2015

June Obsessions!

Unfortunately, the BEST month has passed and now we continue with the year. Farewell June! BUT I did encounter some obsessions this month which I want to share with you :D

1. Argan Oil

I've heard a ton of rumours about argan oil helping hair growth blah... blah... blah... So I finally went out to buy some. I only popped into the pound shop to try out a cheap oil before buying an expensive oil and OMG... This stuff is like unicorn glitter in a bottle! Especially considering my hair is the type to grow once it has been trimmed and the type that does not grow past me shoulders. All I had to do was apply 4 - 5 drops of the oil and rub my hands then apply to your hair when you towel dry it. Honestly, if you have hair like mine I truly recommend you try argan oil.

2. The Miniaturist - By Jessie Burton

Of course I was reading this month! I have fallen in-love with this book! It has inspired me to write my own novel (who knows how long that will take!). I don't want to reveal too much of the novel but if you love novels that were set back in the olden days focusing on family issues and mysterious coincidences then pick this book up! Would really like to meet Jessie. If you have read this book, let me know how you found it!

3. Nicki Minaj Perfume - Onika

If you like a perfume that's not too strong but also a mixed fruity/floral scent then pick this up! It's close to a Victoria Secret Body Mist but with a kick. The reason I have been obsessing over this perfume is because it's PERFECT! Not only because it is Nicki Minaj but it is such a beautiful scent. I feel very powerful when I wear this fragrance and I am in need of some more :D

4. Jacob's Cream Crackers

Mmmm... FOOD! I had to throw in food somewhere :) Okay, don't judge me but lately, I have been loving these crackers!!! This is how I make my snacks:
 1 - Take a cracker and butter the smooth side with butter or cream cheese (Philadelphia to be precise)
 2 - Place 2 cooked chicken slices and fold so that it is the same size as the cracker
 3 - Add any veggies you want (i.e. lettuce)
 4 - I sometimes add potatoes if I have made any but that's optional
 5 - Take another cracker and butter the smooth side and then lay it on top and Wallah!
That's your delicious snack made! Veggies, Carbs, Fat and Protein!

That's all for my June Obsessions, if you try/buy any of the items above let me know :D

Lots of Love, 

Yasmin xo


  1. I absolutely love Argon oil ! I have been using it to clear my acne and acne scars. And boy does it work , it is a miracle in a jar !

    1. Really? Wow, I didn't know that, I have to try that, thank you for the comment x