Sunday, 12 July 2015

~ Interview Skills ~

A scary process. I know. Especially when you really want what you are being interviewed for. But there's honestly nothing to worry about!

An interview should be treated as you have been selected out of other applicants to talk to the organiser. This is a privilege in my eyes. The number one rule is to remain calm, whether it is a formal or an informal interview. I know you're probably thinking that this is easier said than done, trust me it is easy. You just have to convince yourself that everything will be just fine, they already love your application, they would like some more information about you as a person. This may be easier however in a group interview as you are all in the same boat. Just walk in confidently and be nice.

Also, remember what your wrote on your application! Many people forget and when they are questioned they seem unprepared. So just refresh yourself.

Main tips for a group interview:

  1. Remain calm and talk to the other applicants
  2. Remember that you are all competing for one role so do not forget to sell yourself
  3. Listen to any feedback given even if it is not directed to you, it shows that you are also learning
  4. Remember what it is you put on your application
  5. And finally, BE YOURSELF!
Main tips for a one-on-one interview:
  1. Also remain calm, if you are really nervous it will affect your performance, believe that you are a fantastic candidate
  2. Don't feel intimidated by the interviewer, they were once in your position
  3. Ask questions if unsure and ask if that is the answer they are looking for. If not, start again
  4. Talk slowly (not too slow) and clearly - really important!
  5. And finally, BE YOURSELF!

Hopefully this helps. It is all psychological, you just need to convince yourself that you will be alright.Once you understand that it is psychological then you will smash your interview!

~ Thanks for reading!


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Thank You!! :)

Saturday, 11 July 2015

NCS (prior)

IF you haven't heard about this then you're either not from the UK or you've been hiding in your bedroom.

NCS is a programme which allows teenagers (15,16 and 17 year olds) to meet new people, help the community, develop new skills and learn new things about themselves through residentials, volunteering and much more.

I am so happy that I am have the chance to experience this programme as I have heard so many good things about it and hope to gain the best. Thankfully I caught the programme before I was too old to apply and I start on 13/07/15 (Monday). I was originally going to apply for this programme in Year 11 (15/16) however I was so nervous to meet new people, especially because my friends did not want to do it. I have much more confidence now, hopefully I'm not let down :)

Like the sound of it? Check out their website for more information and sign up before it's too late.

A follow up blog post will be up after I have completed the programme! Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

June Obsessions!

Unfortunately, the BEST month has passed and now we continue with the year. Farewell June! BUT I did encounter some obsessions this month which I want to share with you :D

1. Argan Oil

I've heard a ton of rumours about argan oil helping hair growth blah... blah... blah... So I finally went out to buy some. I only popped into the pound shop to try out a cheap oil before buying an expensive oil and OMG... This stuff is like unicorn glitter in a bottle! Especially considering my hair is the type to grow once it has been trimmed and the type that does not grow past me shoulders. All I had to do was apply 4 - 5 drops of the oil and rub my hands then apply to your hair when you towel dry it. Honestly, if you have hair like mine I truly recommend you try argan oil.

2. The Miniaturist - By Jessie Burton

Of course I was reading this month! I have fallen in-love with this book! It has inspired me to write my own novel (who knows how long that will take!). I don't want to reveal too much of the novel but if you love novels that were set back in the olden days focusing on family issues and mysterious coincidences then pick this book up! Would really like to meet Jessie. If you have read this book, let me know how you found it!

3. Nicki Minaj Perfume - Onika

If you like a perfume that's not too strong but also a mixed fruity/floral scent then pick this up! It's close to a Victoria Secret Body Mist but with a kick. The reason I have been obsessing over this perfume is because it's PERFECT! Not only because it is Nicki Minaj but it is such a beautiful scent. I feel very powerful when I wear this fragrance and I am in need of some more :D

4. Jacob's Cream Crackers

Mmmm... FOOD! I had to throw in food somewhere :) Okay, don't judge me but lately, I have been loving these crackers!!! This is how I make my snacks:
 1 - Take a cracker and butter the smooth side with butter or cream cheese (Philadelphia to be precise)
 2 - Place 2 cooked chicken slices and fold so that it is the same size as the cracker
 3 - Add any veggies you want (i.e. lettuce)
 4 - I sometimes add potatoes if I have made any but that's optional
 5 - Take another cracker and butter the smooth side and then lay it on top and Wallah!
That's your delicious snack made! Veggies, Carbs, Fat and Protein!

That's all for my June Obsessions, if you try/buy any of the items above let me know :D

Lots of Love, 

Yasmin xo

POP of colour!

Hey Guys!

New colour to the blog, not sure if I like it yet but I am just experimenting before I make it final. Unfortunately, I have not been able to post much but I am back on track and in the process of expanding my audience but it is extremely hard.

Anywho... I am currently reading The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton and a book review is due shortly. So far I am loving the book and did not know what to expect, STAY TUNED!

I also am hoping to start a vlog channel so that I can document what goes on in my life as I grow up :)

Would really appreciate it if you would share this!

Thank you <3

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Stress CAN be controlled!

Hey guys! Yes, yes I know, I haven't blogged in ages! I have my reasons... COLLEGE! I honestly have been focusing a lot more and have not had any time to write anything as it does take time and effort, however I am back now :)

So, I wanted to discuss a common issue that many people do experience around this time. Stress. Whether it is from planning a holiday, family problems, exams (that's my killer) or it may be what you're going to do tomorrow. Stress can lead to illness so I am here to help you control it.

As you can tell from the intro, I am currently in College and my peers stress levels, as well as my own are extremely high and fortunately for me, I have learnt how to control these stress levels as I have many exams approaching, including family issues and so on.

One simple way that you can control all these emotions is that you tell yourself that 'Time will always continue' and that 'If others can do this, what's stopping me from completing this task'. These two phrases have become apart of my motto and I like to remind myself as everything is psychological. If you learn to control your emotions you can conquer these emotions. When you feel stressed because you're not able to do something (i.e. memorise important information), remind yourself that others have been through the same thing and they have completed it, what makes your situation that different that you cannot get through it?

Honestly, these phrases have worked with me and my stress levels have decreased. Who really wants to be ill due to a situation that we actually do have control over? (even though it does not seem like it!)

One thing you have to remember is that you have to actually believe yourself when you say this to yourself, you have to truly internalise the statements and understand that everything is controllable and that the only barrier you have is yourself. If you realise this you will feel relieved. Time will always continue, the world will not pause and wait for you. So go ahead and take control of your lives!

Let me know what stresses you out in the comments and if you found this helpful. Also, if you have any other methods of controlling stress comment down below and help others :)

Thank you for reading x

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Confidence 101

Welcome back to my blog! (really sorry for the delayed post, I have been busy with revision again)

So, today I would like to discuss a major issue that is still common with young girls (i.e teenagers). Confidence. I know, a scary subject, but I have tips that are bound to work - they worked for me!

First of all, let me fill you in. Growing up I was a confident little girl, I loved to showcase my dance routines to my family and friends. I would sing regularly and freely and also making friends was not an obstacle. From what I believe, there was a traumatic event that I'm not going to go in to detail, all you need to know is that I was scarred. I refused to perform in front of anyone and making friends was a challenge. I would allow people to approach me and make an effort rather than trying myself. Regardless, I am still the girl who trusts too easily (which is a good thing at times).

You may be in the same position right now and thinking you are okay with everything and there may be some that really want to become more confident and open. I am telling you now, this will help you a lot in the future whether you are applying for a job or meeting new people.

Step 1: You need  to find something you love. This will allow you to put all you heart and soul into what you do. In my case, I loved dancing. I thought to myself that enough is enough. I picked up my feet and went to a dance club after school (in my school). Fortunately for me, my dance teacher already knew me. By joining or doing something you love, not only are you going to find others with the same interest, but you're also building your skills! This may be a giant leap... however, you have to start somewhere rather than constantly procrastinating and delaying. Just don't think about it and just do it.

I know, you're thinking this is easier said than done. I am living proof. You have to eventually let your walls down and convince yourself. One thing I found myself doing a lot was evaluating what others do. Think about how they started... similar to your situation right? So now, what makes you different to them? If they can do it, so can you! 'Till this day I still use this phrase and it helps to keep me calm.

Step 2: This should be a bit more easier. Expand your friendship circles. You may like to be alone, but having friends makes your life experiences so much more fun and easier for you to get through. The thought of always having people there to be there at your lowest point should be convincing enough. Some may find that they do not get along with friends in their school but there are so many other opportunities for you to make friends. Join clubs at your local youth centres, apply for summer schools or any trips both inside and outside of school. By believing and loving yourself you will shine in front of others, making it easier to make friends!

Step 3: This is the tricky one, Now, going back to what you may have done in the 1st step, you need to take this further, whether it is showcasing your talents or joining the debate team. Remember that no-body is perfect. Honestly, internalise this because if someone does make a comment, just remember they are only insecure themselves. This may take some time to do this but you will be able to eventually. For all these steps to work you have to be willing to go the extra mile, your friends will be there to support you no matter what :)

If you would like to ask me any personal questions, feel free to message me privately xo

Thanks for reading :)

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Following your dreams - Life is way too short

Sorry I haven't posted in ages, I have been so caught up in revision for my mock exams that I lost track of time. Whilst revising, I was hit with the though of my underlying dream I wish I did follow. Fashion Designing. I know, big difference from a career choice related to English. but let me take you back in time and hopefully you will not make the same mistakes.

Growing up, I was a very active child (I still am) but I did a lot more extra-curricular activities that were both in and out of primary and secondary school. One thing I loved to come home to was drawing, especially designing clothes. I wasn't much of a fashion icon but I loved fashion with a huge passion, and I still do. I would scroll around Instagram for ages just looking at designs and clothes, expanding my folder of screen shots in my gallery. I remember my first fashion show in secondary school, I took it so seriously. We were allowed to pick out the clothes we wanted to walk out in and accessories (stylists and models!). We were literally walking the runway. Ever since then I have pretty much been obsessed with fashion.

Now, I'm guessing many of you can relate with me here. Your parents want the best for you but what you want to do is not the greatest option, to them anyways. Honestly, I do understand where our parents come from, however this is an issue that is widespread. Children who are amazing at sports or drama are practically forced by their parents to study subjects like maths or sciences because they know what is"bets". Yes I agree, studying maths or science in the future may open you to many doors like being a scientist or an accountant. The problem is your child may not be in love with what they do. I understand that money has become the main goal in everyone's eyes but what about passion?

In my experience, if I could travel back in time and change my pathway. I would. Even though I am still young (16 years old). I would have had a lot more opportunities if textiles was on my GCSE results paper. Instead, I had subjects which were to take me down the more "academic" route. Even then, I applied to a fashion school in London and got an interview but I couldn't go due to my parents. Fortunately, I still draw and design clothes, it will always remain in my heart.

The moral here is that you should follow your dreams, again yes this is very cliche but it is true. You do not want to be sitting here, 3-4 years down the line, reminiscing about the choice you made. In the end it is you that will live your life. If you believe you are good at something and receive good feedback, go for it. Life is way too short to be regretting.

Thanks for reading, I hope I have inspired you x

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Should yoga pants/leggings be banned?

As I was reading the news on my tablet, I came across a report on whether leggings and other tight trousers are indecent?

To begin with, I believe that the reason why people may consider tight clothing on women as indecent as they attract the attention of the opposite/same sex. Also that because of how tight fitting the clothing is makes others feel uncomfortable. Regardless of the clothes a woman may wear, they still get the attention from those who want to look, clothing is not the issue here. As for those who feel uncomfortable, everyone has the freedom to wear what they please.

By taking the right away of someone wearing such clothing that makes them feel comfortable is ridiculous. I as a woman love to wear yoga pants/leggings, not only for working out but also as a choice of comfortable clothing, it is a more stylish choice rather than your regular jogging bottoms. By making this illegal not only are you taking our right to freedom of expression, you are also limiting women to what they can wear because of the lurking eye. Are we moving forwards of backwards?

There are other pieces  of clothing that are less 'modest' to the majority in comparison to leggings. Clothing like crop tops and what teenagers call 'batty riders' or 'booty shorts' (shorts that are extremely short, revealing the butt cheek(s)). Until they have been banned it will make sense for leggings to follow, however this is not the case, therefore making leggings/yoga pants illegal is absurd.

What are your opinions?

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Girl Behind The Screen

Well hello there, it's about time you get to know me :)

Name: Yasmin
Age: 16

What are your hobbies?
   If I'm not reading a book or drawing I am either dancing or revising right now because of my a-levels :(

What's my favourite tv series?
   That's a difficult question! I love watching The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The 100, Suits, The Fosters, Jane The Virgin, Once Upon A Time, The Flash, Pretty Little Liars and many more :D

What is my favourite movie?
    Without a doubt it has to be Harry Potter :) I never thought this would be my type of movie but after watching it I just fell in love <3

What is my favourite animal?
   I love Orangutans sooooo much, they are soooo adorable!

What is your favourite sport?
   If you consider dance a sport then yes, I love to dance :) I love to watch gymnastics and ice skating.

Best place on Earth?
   Anywhere with roller coasters. I love the rush and the nervousness right before boarding. Thorpe Park is bae.

What is your biggest fear?
    My biggest fear is definitely the doctors. I avoid contact with doctors and especially if I know that I have to go I try and dismiss the problem myself.

What did you want to be when you were younger?
    Originally I wanted to be a doctor.. I know, ironic right? I have always had a passion for writing however.

What made you open a blog?
    I have always loved writing, it allows me the chance to express my opinion in a creative way. I am an aspiring journalist so I thought opening a blog will allow me to get more experience in writing and researching :)

If you have any more questions feel free to ask in the comments or from:

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Find More When You Explore (+ a bit of my day)

Oh how beautiful London is, it may be the city but it does not get enough credit. From the (really) tall buildings to the cute little Victorian themed shops, reminds me of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter!  I have not been down there for so long it is unbelievable... of course I could not help but take pictures of the area, it's the generation of the Internet. How could I not?

We had the fantastic opportunity to visit the News Academy News Conference in London Bridge. They aim to invest in the future of journalism which is one of the reasons I attended. If it was not for our English teacher we would not have heard about it. This is where the adult advice comes in... Research is the key honestly, you have to constantly be on top of the subjects you want to study and know of the opportunities that may be taking place right at your doorstep! Exploring the Internet may open so many doors, it is just the time and effort you want to put in.I know, it's pretty self explanatory right? You will always find more when you explore, as long as you search in the right places.

From my experience, many teenagers have no clue what-so-ever to what they would like to do... well... that was me about 24 hours ago... I was clueless. Today really did open my eyes to the journalist pathway and I am almost 100% that is where I want to be at the end of University. Getting to this decision was difficult, I started with considering the sciences, then art, then fashion however English and writing has always been a passion of mine, and I am right back to where I started. It was a never-ending spiral but I received a lot of support!

Finally, my day finished with coffee from Costa and lunch with the girls! First time trying Costa as I am more of a Starbucks lover. I ordered a Iced Vanilla Latte, and wow, that was amazing, if you love coffee just as much as I do then you will definitely love this drink! (but it is probably better in the summer).

That's all for today, thank you for reading my blog, hopefully you will follow it :)

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sixth Form (College Life)

The joy of turning 16. The rush of feeling like a young adult. The responsibilities that come with this age that may make or break your future... so choose your path wisely.

Yes I know... kill joy right?

But it is true, 16 may be this fabulous age that may open a few doors of privileges and maturity but there is also the reality.. in the UK we call it college...

6 months ago, I remember the nerves and excitement that rushed through every tip of my body, as if the oxygen in my body had been converted to emotions. I couldn't establish whether I wanted to start already or I wanted to turn back around and decrease my age. Obviously that's impossible, oh well. Honestly I do not regret it one bit. I'll admit, college has been one hectic journey; from starting college, homework, coursework, exams, family and the realisation of the remaining 4 months of college. Gulp! Yes... only 4 months,
excluding the days on holiday, that makes 3 months left of teaching... Yikes... If you're starting college soon, don't turn it down because the years seem too long, trust me the time flies way to fast. Before you know it you'll be in waiting for your 2nd year exam results. The idea frightens me but that's life, no matter how slow things feel or how down you may be, just remember time will always move forward, the way you feel will soon enough disappear as time goes by. In that case, I know it's cliche but don't over think things, you're just wasting time, take risks (risks that will help you by the way not crazy risks that will get you into trouble) and explore what you're capable of, because believe it or not but 16 is pretty much the age that determines where your pathway in the future lies. Obviously unless you win the lottery and become a millionaire, then I guess what you did at 16 won't really matter.

On that note, thanks for reading my first blog post, I hope you like it. Feel free to leave any comments. :)

Yasmin x