Friday, 20 February 2015

Following your dreams - Life is way too short

Sorry I haven't posted in ages, I have been so caught up in revision for my mock exams that I lost track of time. Whilst revising, I was hit with the though of my underlying dream I wish I did follow. Fashion Designing. I know, big difference from a career choice related to English. but let me take you back in time and hopefully you will not make the same mistakes.

Growing up, I was a very active child (I still am) but I did a lot more extra-curricular activities that were both in and out of primary and secondary school. One thing I loved to come home to was drawing, especially designing clothes. I wasn't much of a fashion icon but I loved fashion with a huge passion, and I still do. I would scroll around Instagram for ages just looking at designs and clothes, expanding my folder of screen shots in my gallery. I remember my first fashion show in secondary school, I took it so seriously. We were allowed to pick out the clothes we wanted to walk out in and accessories (stylists and models!). We were literally walking the runway. Ever since then I have pretty much been obsessed with fashion.

Now, I'm guessing many of you can relate with me here. Your parents want the best for you but what you want to do is not the greatest option, to them anyways. Honestly, I do understand where our parents come from, however this is an issue that is widespread. Children who are amazing at sports or drama are practically forced by their parents to study subjects like maths or sciences because they know what is"bets". Yes I agree, studying maths or science in the future may open you to many doors like being a scientist or an accountant. The problem is your child may not be in love with what they do. I understand that money has become the main goal in everyone's eyes but what about passion?

In my experience, if I could travel back in time and change my pathway. I would. Even though I am still young (16 years old). I would have had a lot more opportunities if textiles was on my GCSE results paper. Instead, I had subjects which were to take me down the more "academic" route. Even then, I applied to a fashion school in London and got an interview but I couldn't go due to my parents. Fortunately, I still draw and design clothes, it will always remain in my heart.

The moral here is that you should follow your dreams, again yes this is very cliche but it is true. You do not want to be sitting here, 3-4 years down the line, reminiscing about the choice you made. In the end it is you that will live your life. If you believe you are good at something and receive good feedback, go for it. Life is way too short to be regretting.

Thanks for reading, I hope I have inspired you x

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  1. Hey girl, I nominated you for the Liebster Award I 2015! Details are on my blog xx

  2. Hello Yasmin, it happens very often that the family decides your future at school.
    Also my parents are against artistic studies and when I was young they chose for me... but it wasn't the best for me.
    Now you are younger and you can change your future! However I'm following my dreams now, I like writing and I want to realize myself, even if I'm 38!
    Beautiful drawings... you must follow your dreams!!!

    1. Hi Chiara, I'm very happy for you :) It's so nice that people are following their dreams :D and thank you, means a lot!
      I will! (Thanks for the comment xo)

  3. Parents do want the best for you but you can always do both things together! My parents wanted me to do something around Health and I did nursing at university but left it in second year because it wasn't for me. I always wanted to go into marketing/HR so in my year out I gained a place on a traineeship to become a pharmacy technician (which would make my parents happy) and I've gained a place to do a Business degree at university for September so I can fulfil my dreams!