Sunday, 15 February 2015

Should yoga pants/leggings be banned?

As I was reading the news on my tablet, I came across a report on whether leggings and other tight trousers are indecent?

To begin with, I believe that the reason why people may consider tight clothing on women as indecent as they attract the attention of the opposite/same sex. Also that because of how tight fitting the clothing is makes others feel uncomfortable. Regardless of the clothes a woman may wear, they still get the attention from those who want to look, clothing is not the issue here. As for those who feel uncomfortable, everyone has the freedom to wear what they please.

By taking the right away of someone wearing such clothing that makes them feel comfortable is ridiculous. I as a woman love to wear yoga pants/leggings, not only for working out but also as a choice of comfortable clothing, it is a more stylish choice rather than your regular jogging bottoms. By making this illegal not only are you taking our right to freedom of expression, you are also limiting women to what they can wear because of the lurking eye. Are we moving forwards of backwards?

There are other pieces  of clothing that are less 'modest' to the majority in comparison to leggings. Clothing like crop tops and what teenagers call 'batty riders' or 'booty shorts' (shorts that are extremely short, revealing the butt cheek(s)). Until they have been banned it will make sense for leggings to follow, however this is not the case, therefore making leggings/yoga pants illegal is absurd.

What are your opinions?

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  1. Nice blog post! In my opinion, I think that if they want to ban legging which is absurd; they should ban guys from wearing their trousers really low because it isn't nice to see their underwear all the time.

    1. I totally agree, I see a lot of guys wearing their trousers really low. Thank you so much, truly means a lot to hear that :)

  2. I also find the idea of banning leggings absurd. What this is saying is that the reason a woman wears clothes is to call attention to herself. That's like saying an artist only paints a painting because they want everyone to look at it. Women can wear what they want!
    Fun fact: I wrote this comment while wearing leggings.

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    2. Exactly! It's ridiculous to be honest
      Lool that made me chuckle, leggings are so comfortable right?